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Passing options from knee shield

Sit Up Guard to Ankle Pick

Spider Guard (pass to truck/back take)

Spider Guard (Pass Recovery)

Shin to Shin (entry into deep half)

Shin to Shin (ankle pick)

Modified X sweep to belly down straight ankle lock

Shin to Shin (Single X entry)

Double under stack pass (counter variation)

Basic cross collar choke (mount, knee on belly, and guard)

Toreando Pass (aka bullfighter pass)

Stack Pass to armbar

Sit Up Guard (guard pull)

Spider Guard pass to kimura trap

Single X into Leg lock series

Single X sweep (fundamentals)

Basic Armbar setup from closed guard (fundamentals)

Defending the armbar from guard (Fundamentals)

Stack Pass Counter (triangle set up)

Over Under pass counter sweep

Guard recovery (from stack pass-fundamentals)

Hip Bump sweep

Kimura (shoulder lock) from closed guard