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 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu began as a martial art designed for a person to be able to defend his or herself against an attacker in street situations.  Basic concepts based on leverage, rather than strength made it ideal for a smaller person to not only defend his or herself against a much larger attacker, but also defeat a larger attacker.  Within the process of spreading the art of BJJ throughout the years, the techniques of BJJ have evolved. There are two primary culprits responsible for the most in depth alterations in the BJJ mindset and conclusively, the technical applications.  Those culprits are BJJ tournaments and MMA competitions. Ultimately, these changes resulted in 3 different variations of BJJ. In BJJ Triple Threat, we will focus on identifying and dissecting these differences and making them work for you, no matter what arena you intend to use BJJ.  With BJJ Triple Threat, we will discuss BJJ for the street, for tournament, and for MMA and how it applies to:

  • Taking the fight to the floor

  • Top game effectiveness

  • Bottom game effectives

  • Submissions

  • Escapes

Understand, that BJJ is the most important and diverse martial arts in regard to defending oneself and being able to finish off an attacker or opponent.  When used correctly, it will be your most reliable asset. If used improperly, the effectiveness decreases exponentially.